Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hooking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade and her CURRENTLY Linky!

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So difficult for me to fill out! I have LOTS of things to say for all the categories!
But, I always have lots of things to say in general!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoo?, September 11th, Target SCORE,

OK, so why do short weeks feel like they are the longest weeks EV-ER?! We only had a 4 day week (Labor Day) that would NOT end!

On Friday, we were supposed to go to the ZOO to celebrate kids who read 100 minutes per week over the summer...well...I told my class over and over....rain or shine, we're prepared! I get's raining...get to work only to find out it's CANCELED! So the kids are saddened that they didn't get their promise (who can blame them) and to REPLACE the LIVE, real-LIVE animals...they watch Madagascar 2 in the gym...on the floor. I felt so sad for the kids... I know disappointment is part of life...but IT WAS SUNNY OUTSIDE! THEN at recess time it was INDOORS???????!!!!! Why you ask??? I HAVE NO IDEA!

So, Tuesday is September 11th. What do you do to remember with your class? Our Third Grade reads the book
Then we have the students trace each hand. On one hand, they write THANK YOU (to either police, fire, armed services, etc.) and on the other hand they write My hero is.... They can fill in anyone who they believe is their hero. We (that's the teachers) take ALL the hands of Third Graders and assemble them in the cafeteria windows...which face the front of school and the main street...into a GINORMOUS American Flag! It looked Spectacular last year! I will remember to take a picture when it's finished Tuesday and share!

Went to Target today! Their Dollar section is 70% off! So I SCORED on more packs of bookmarks ($.30 each pack), Various flashcards (zoo animals, USA Landmarks, Presidents, etc. $.30), MORE pocket charts ($.30)...AND a HUGE, red bean bag chair at $9! WOO HOO! Of course I already paid full price for the dollar spot stuff earlier...but couldn't resist such a great deal! 

Thursday night I set aside all grading and relax and watch the MTV VMAs! They are one of my fave award shows to watch! LOVED LOVED LOVED Pink's performance of Blow Me One Last Kiss... Can't wait to download her new album coming out! 
This is a picture of Pink I took at her concert...I was THIS close! FUN RIGHT?!
So excited she'll be on tour again soon!
I listen to Pink on the way to work when I wanna kick butt!

Enjoy your week!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reading Benches, Success, Reward Freebies

Second week of school, SUCCESS!
Students are getting used to the routines, things that make me tick, and how to behave properly. I downloaded the "Rockin' Student Behavior" from Babblin' Abby.
Loving the clip up, clip down system! I was so sick of pulling tickets and am enjoying the fact that kids can still clip up and save themselves from a minor clip down... I'm having the kids add a sparkly jewel to their clothespin if they clip up on one of the top two colors. Once they get 5 jewels, they can pick out of a reward jar... My rewards are non-tangible. I've used these for the past 15 years since meeting my mentor teacher...I've modified throughout the years. I took some ideas from First Grade Fever with the "stinky feet" and "line jumper"...but the rest I've used FOR-EV-ER.

Here are the cards if you so wish to use them---just click on the pic! My daughters helped me come up with some of the creative titles...along with some giggles making them...

My brother in law gave my hubby some cabinets since he was remodeling his kitchen...Hubby mostly hung them in the garage and some in the basement...I saw two left over in the garage...and said..."um, hubby...what are you doing with those two (the kind that go over a fridge or oven/range)? can I have them?" After a strange look...he said..."whyyyy"? I told him my plan to turn them into benches for my classroom...he still looked at me like I was nuts, but he just goes along with my insanity since...I'm always right...*wink wink*.

SOOOOO, I went to Home Depot, where they KINDLY cut some thick plywood to the sizes of the tops of the cabinets...I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics where I picked out some fabric and fluffy batting, purchased *with teacher discount*...brought home... I took the plywood and wrapped it up with the batting and a present...used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the bottom... THEN hubby helped me attach the fabulously wrapped plywood to the tops of the cabinets with "L" brackets and

WAH LA! I have 2 benches for students to sit on AND THEY HAVE STORAGE!!!! Soooo great, RIGHT?! The kids LOVE to sit on them! The cute little pillows were sewn by my oldest daughter (I can not sew...Grandma taught her)!

~close up of one reading nook
~bench with storage
~other bench with more storage

Curriculum Night (when the parents come in, I present a Power Point about expectations) was a SUCCESS. Only 4 students' parents didn't show...One of them had surgery earlier that day and another was at a family member's wake... So that was a FANTASTIC turn out! It's just easier to explain everything in person... and it's so nice to see parents face-to-face AND realize how "THE APPLE DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE"!

So behind on grading papers and lesson planning...hoping this LONG weekend will help me get ahead.

Yay! Successful week!