Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teeth, Birthday Treats for Students

TEEEEEETH! I finally get into my classroom, have my daughters helping me like crazy...we're accomplishing lots...until BOOM! My youngest falls flat on her face! She knocked 2 permanent teeth loose and 1 baby tooth loose. Blood everywhere...lip cut leave work...go to immediate care...then emergency ortho (she just got braces)...then to emergency dentist.... Both dentist and Orthodontist said the braces saved her teeth...WHEN WILL I GET BACK IN MY CLASSROOM?!?!?! Today I take her back to dentist for x-rays. Praying there's no extensive damage...

Well, I  my youngest daughter finished the little bday treats I give to students. Here's a look at everything in one pic...
I save toilet paper and paper towel rolls (cut those the size of toilet paper tubes). I wrapped tissue paper around the tube...attached a small piece of tape...tied off one end with ribbon...

Youngest daughter stuffed in each one...
some confetti (not pictured)
one bouncy ball (kids LOVE these)
small sheet of rock star stickers
rock star homework pass
one mini mechanical pencil (pack of 3 for $.50)
one eraser topper
and two suckers!!!
I tied off the other end with ribbon.

All the little gifts go into a "Birthday Basket" (a basket with various colors of ribbon at top) and on the student's birthday, we sing a quick version of "Happy Birthday"...and the student gets a little treat... These have been so successful! They love the little trinkets...I've helped make their bday special...and it barely cost me. For summer birthdays...We do the "half birthday" know, half way til their bday!



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  1. What a great idea!! Very creative and I'm sure my dd will enjoy helping with this!! Thank you!!