Sunday, August 5, 2012

Freebies...Rock Star Chair

OK so I've been a little busy. BUT not busy enough considering I only have 6 work days to have my room up and running! AAARRRGGGHHH! just a little bit stressed

And I haven't even been in my room since the beginning of June!

Since being home, I've created Party Like a Rock Star Birthday passes. I make each student a little birthday treat to enjoy on their birthday. I'm going to add these cute little passes...something about not having to do homework that the kids just eat up! 

So, enjoy if it works for your class!

I am NOT buying desk plates this year! I am going to use the ones below to go with my Rock Star theme that I created! Yay me! Feel free to use this too! It *should* open in Google Docs for you to print.

NOW THIS I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF!!!! I made a Rock Star chair for my classroom! I got the idea off of Pinterest (of course). I stole took a chair from my girls' crafting table in the basement...sanded it down...painted it (two coats)...added all the fun details! Took me about 5-6 days. I even let the girls paint a section on their own... with my "constructive criticism".

Here's the front!

Here's the back!

To continue my LONG list of things to do...I *plan* on making my children assemble those birthday treats/trinkets tonight and will post the finished product. They are always a big hit in class!

I'm going to attempt to be motivated enough to trace guitars on cute metallic shiny poster board I bought at the teacher's store for ceiling decor! AND to top off my trip to the teacher's store today...I ran into a friend! HI FRIEND!!!! It was so fun chatting with her! She FINALLY has her own classroom all to herself...and 28+ second graders!

Yeah...we'll see how much more I can get done tonight.

back to "busy"ness...


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