Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So, tomorrow is August 1st! Where the heck did summer go? I could have logged in hundreds of hours looking up ideas for my classroom and making crafts for the classroom!

I've been saving toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to make my usual birthday gifts for the students. They always turn out cute and are filled with little inexpensive trinkets the kids love.  I will post a pic when I finish (whenever that may be).

Besides a busy home life of taking the girls to their activities on a daily basis and *trying* to keep up with house stuff, I've been one hard working teacher! I say HA to those people who say..."you have such a nice job with the summers off...must be nice".

I want to get started on a master math journal. My teacher friend has done this for years in the way of vocab words, define, small description. I need (yes, still) to make a master copy for myself. If I don't, I WILL NOT STICK TO IT! Same with Reading Workshop...I need a master copy. I start out strong every year...then it just gets busy and...you know what I'm talking about!

Well, here's to getting my rear in gear! I should be actually posting HELPFUL stuff soon!
Gimme a break, I'm new at this!

Laters baby ;)

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